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Hiking Gear Roundup

The NH Monadnock Thrive Guide


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Gear laid out for hiking: shoes, first aid, water, snacks, backpack

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If you’re gearing up to hike Mount Monadnock or any of the many trails across New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region, start by making sure you have the gear you need for a fun, safe outdoor experience. Here’s a handy hiking checklist:
Water! Bring a refillable water bottle or canteen to make sure you stay hydrated. Monadnock State Park has water filling stations before you head out on the trail. Don’t test your luck with water from babbling brooks. (Google giardia symptoms if you don’t believe us.)
Bug spray! At least bring it in the car with you and apply it in the parking lot before you hit the trail. Mosquitos are real.
Sun screen! Another one for the car. You don’t want to cap your wonderful day with a painful sunburn.
Dry socks! Future you will sincerely thank past you for remembering an extra pair of socks. A number of trails in our area cross water (including a few up Mount Monadnock) and wet feet can instantly turn a lovely hike into a when-is-this-over slog. Seriously, bring the socks. We recommend a pair of Monadsocks, the only pair worthy of our namesake mountain. Order here.
Windbreaker! Sure, it’s nice and warm down here at the trailhead, but up on the summit you just know the wind is whipping and you’re going to wish you had thought of that (just like the socks.)
Snacks! You go hiking for the sounds of leaves rustling, birds chirping, and brooks burbling, not the sound of your stomach growling. Pack some trail mix and hike happy.
First Aid! A few adhesive bandages and alcohol pads can’t hurt, in case you do get hurt.
Knife! (Or multi-tool.) Who knows what you might need to cut. It’s a big world.
Camera! Of course, you’re not going to leave your phone behind, and of course it’s important to experience nature directly in the moment without constantly thinking about recording your experience, but…go on, take a few pictures. Be sure to tag @visitmonadnocknh when you show off where you’ve been on social media.
Navigation! This could be your phone, but you might not always get a great signal way out in the woods. A map and compass don’t need a satellite connection.
Monadnock Region outdoor retailers offer an easy way to stock up on all you need. 
Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters, Keene/North Swanzey

Ted’s Shoe and Sport, Keene
Sierra Trading Post, Keene
Pelletier’s Sports Shop, Jaffrey
Eastern Mountain Sports, Peterborough

Hike Safe Card! Last but not least, give yourself a little extra insurance with NH’s Voluntary Hike Safe Card. In the event of an emergency rescue, this card could save you a lot!

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The NH Monadnock Thrive Guide


Our friends at Yankee Magazine have put together a special online visitor guide to all that’s great about our region. As a bonus, you’ll get a copy of our monthly eNewsletter.

The NH Monadnock Thrive Guide


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The NH Monadnock Thrive Guide

Our friends at Yankee Magazine have put together a special online visitor guide to all that’s great about our region. As a bonus, you’ll get a copy of our eNewsletter.

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