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Just a day trip from major metropolitan areas, New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region offers you arts, culture, main street sophistication, and a spectacular outdoor playground—for an unforgettable getaway, or a lifetime. Here, you can be your best self and live your best life.

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Whether you want to visit, work, or make it home, the Monadnock Region offers endless opportunities for you to thrive – and you can easily connect to them all. Here, we’ve gathered resources and suggestions to help you pick your own path.

Monadnock (noun; muhnad-nok)

  1. free-standing mountain rising above surrounding area;
  2. a 3,165 foot peak in SW NH that’s one of the world’s most climbed mountains;
  3. a region filled with opportunities to visit, live, work, learn—and grow.


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Our Beautiful Corner of NH

Just two hours northwest of Boston, the Monadnock Region is within thriving distance from major cities and airports, including Hartford, Albany, and New York City.

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Plan your perfect visit. Whether you’re here for an event, an outdoor adventure, a romantic getaway, or to explore a themed trail—breweries, local art, sugar shacks, etc.—we have suggestions just for you.
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In every corner of the Monadnock Region, there’s something to see, and there are experiences to enjoy. These are just a few examples—click to see more events.

Northlands Music and Arts Festival





Northlands is a boutique-sized, independently-owned music & art festival in Swanzey.

Crys Matthews: A Special Juneteenth Celebration





Hailed as “the next Woody Guthrie,” Crys is among the brightest stars of the new generation of social justice music-makers.

Juneteenth Celebration





A family-friendly community event will feature musical performances by Senie Hunt and the Gaslight Tinkers.

Wilton Summerfest





Live Music, Arts Market, great good and family fun.



View from kayak in a Fitzwilliam new Kayak/Canoe rental company

Splish Splash

Water defines New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region—literally! The Connecticut River runs along our western border, as it winds its way into Massachusetts and beyond. (You may

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Nick and Louisa Burns, Co-founders, Ashulot Concerts

Nick and Louisa Burns

Co-founders, Ashuelot Concerts

Nick: “We were living in London when Louisa got pregnant with our first son. The question was, Well, we probably need to move out of the city—where are we going to move to? We’re big outdoors people, and we wanted to live somewhere where we could hike and ski and counterbalance our incredibly intense professional life with something beautiful. I had visited New England as a teenager, and it had sort of seeped into my system. So I Googled ‘best small towns in New England’ and Louisa was dropping pins on Google Maps and looking around on Street View, and we turned to each other simultaneously and said, “Have you heard of this place called Keene?”

Emerson Sistaire Owner, Toadstool Books

Emerson Sistaire

Owner, Toadstool Books

Emerson: It’s a very quick identifier when people say, “I’m from the Monadnock Region”—it’s something that comes to mind right away and rolls off the tongue with a lot of pride. I think people really love being from this area, and it’s a backbone of who they are. A few weeks back, a couple in their mid-20s came into the shop. They were from Massachusetts, looking at apartments here, and said they’ve always wanted to live in Peterborough. And I was so excited by the idea that there are people who are just starting their families or their careers who looking to move to the Monadnock Region. That narrative of young people wanting to leave this area—it’s great to see it disproven, that people are eager to come here and contribute and be a part of what we all love so much.

Meghan Gould Ultra-Running Coach; Founder/Host: She Run Ultras podcast

Meghan Gould

Ultra-Running Coach; Founder/Host: She Run Ultras podcast

MEGHAN:  I was born in Nashua and raised in Peterborough, but I’ve moved all over: Connecticut, Boston, Burlington, Arizona. And I spent a number of years traveling the country for my former job [in marketing for Pepsi], seeing different cities and suburbs and rural communities, yet none of them truly felt like someplace where I would want to come back and live. There’s an intangible quality to being here and living in the Monadnock Region, something I can’t necessarily put my finger on. I think that’s part of what makes it so great: Each person loves it for their own reason

Joshua Velasquez and Adam Hamilton Founders, Shires Naturals

Joshua Velasquez and Adam Hamilton

Founders, Shires Naturals

JOSH:  Adam and I met working together at a summer job in Rhode Island, and we were both on the same page for starting a business that was health- and wellness-focused. I believe New Hampshire was the best place to do that—this region is full of entrepreneurs, and we hope what we are building in Peterborough is encouraging everyone else to see the potential in what can be done in beautiful southwest New Hampshire.

ADAM: In Peterborough, what we discovered was, in my eyes, the true sense of community. Which was: If you’re trying to do something, the response is, How can I help? What can I do? How can I lift you up? A lot of that help and advice came from the business talent that lives in the Monadnock Region, and a lot of that comes from older or retired people with decades of experience in their given fields. What we’ve learned from them, we probably wouldn’t have gotten in a city like Boston. They had the time and the knowledge to help us, and they had the desire to give back.

Molly Ola Pinney and Aja Davis Founder, Becoming Exponential; White People. DOING Something.

Molly Ola Pinney
and Aja Davis

Founder, Becoming Exponential; White People. DOING Something

AJA: Molly and I met in Brooklyn, where both of us had been living for quite some time. When Covid hit, we decided to come hang out in New Hampshire for a bit, maybe six months. And now it’s been three years! We bought a house here; we’re having a baby here. You could say we’ve become New Hampshirites. As a newcomer I find this region to be surprisingly open, especially when it comes to having these conversations about diversity and inclusion. It’s not instinctual, and we could bring more awareness to it, but generally people are open to it. I do think having initiatives to entice small business owners [from diverse backgrounds] to the region would be wonderful.

MOLLY: Aja is from North Carolina, but I’m from Dublin, and in hindsight it was pretty special to grow up here. It was lovely to know people; it was lovely to be known and felt cared for by an entire community. More generally, I find there’s a peacefulness in this area not only in the natural surroundings, but also in the way people interact with each other.

Gail Somers

Gail Somers

Owner of Yahso Jamaican Grille

Gail: I moved to the Monadnock region for a career growth opportunity. Prior to coming to the area, I lived in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area where I lived for some time after migrating from Jamaica.

I have made so many rewarding connections in and around my community.  There are so many individuals and organizations that have supported my efforts to advance cultural and diversity engagement I am always overcome with gratitude. From the Monadnock Coop, Hannah Grimes Center, Arts Alive to the Local Crowd Fund and others, I can say enough to thank them.

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