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At 3,165 feet above sea level, and 2,000 feet above the landscape around it, Mount Monadnock not only rises majestically above the Monadnock Region, it defines us. It’s the only peak of its size for many miles and is visible from nearly every one of our 34 towns. It’s among the most hiked mountains in the world. And from the rocky summit you can see 100 miles, and all six new England states.

Head Out for a Hike

Join the long trail of those who have made their way up Mount Monadnock since at least the first recorded ascent in 1725. The mountain today boasts a number of major trails to the summit. 
  • The 1.9 mile long White Dot and White Cross Trails originate at Monadnock State Park, overlapping at the start and near the summit. 
  • Marlboro Trail is a 2.1 mile hike off the beaten path that starts gently but then rises up rapidly and steeply. To find the trailhead, take Route 124 onto Shaker Road, and go ¾ of a mile to the small parking area.
  • Dublin Path Trail stretches 2.2 miles, and takes you through a forest of maples and spruces before getting steeper and requiring bouldering. Take Route 101, then turn south at Dublin Lake, follow Old Marlboro Road to the golf course, then turn left onto Old Troy Road. The trailhead is 1.8 miles away, with parking on the right.
  • Old Toll Road and White Arrow Trails combine to get you up the mountain, starting on Monadnock’s southern face. Take Route 124 from Jaffrey to Troy, and look for the big parking lot sign.
  • The longest trek up Mount Monadnock is Pumpelly Trail at 4.5 miles, starting with 1.5 miles of flat land near the southeast edge of Dublin Lake through mixed forest land. The trail then rises to meet the open Pumpelly Ridge, which you take toward the summit, eventually coming upon the intersection of the Cascade Link, Red Dot, and Spellman Trails. The summit comes into clear view in your final mile.
  • Looking for an all-day challenge with great views and steep ascents? Try the hard-rated 7 mile roundtrip Birchtoft Trail starting from the Gilson Pond Campground in Jaffrey.

Get ready, protect yourself, and support NH Fish and Game search and rescue efforts with your voluntary NH Hike Safe card. Learn more about that and other safe packing tips here. And be sure to check out the park site here for seasonal suggestions and information when looking to hike Mount Monadnock. 


A man named Garry Harrington hiked to the summit 16 times in 24 hours.

Another man named Larry Davis hiked to the summit every single day for 7.8 years.


Once is unforgettable.



Why is the summit so bare?

So, about that…at 3,165 feet Mount Monadnock is well under New Hampshire’s 4,400 tree line, but you won’t find trees near the summit. The reason why stretches back to 1800, when a fire was set to clear the lower slopes for pasture land, and accidentally spread to red spruce trees up top. Then, between 1810 and 1820, farmers looking to drive out wolves set fire to the mountain once more, resulting in a blaze that lasted weeks, stripping the mountain of trees and topsoil above 2,000 feet. After all these years of graceful aging, bald is beautiful at the summit, but it wasn’t always that way! Then in 1944, Smokey Bear first appeared, and started setting people straight.


Establish Your Basecamp

If you’re coming to hike Mount Monadnock, you’ll need a great place to stay. From rustic campgrounds to comfortable hotels and B&Bs, whatever experience you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

For campers, Monadnock State Park is a great choice with a number of trailheads. Here are other nearby options

The dozens of communities across the Monadnock Region also offer you a varied selection of lodging options close to mountain trails. Check area listings to find the right place to stay for you.

Need a refreshing cold drink after that hike?

Check out our list of breweries around the region and near Mount Monadnock here.

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Hike responsibly! Mount Monadnock trails stay pristine for all to enjoy when we strive to leave no trace. So please—carry in, carry out.

A Natural Work of Art

Mount Monadnock has been inspiring artists and writers for hundreds of years. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, poet Galway Kinnell and others wrote of how it inspired them, and it has been the subject of countless painting and photographs. Check out the array of art inspired by our fine mountain currently on Etsy 
and this selection of fine art prints

Couple point out paintings in a gallery

art scene

The Monadnock Region is home to many artists who take inspiration from our natural beauty. Learn more about our arts scene here.

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The Monadnock Region offers scores of other great hikes. See just some of them here. We look forward to seeing you again whether it’s for a hike, a longer visit, or for a lifetime!
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