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If you have no idea what to get your kid this holiday season, check out this gift guide! Full of gift ideas ranging from toys to technology to clothing, this guide will help you pick the perfect present for your kid.

The Silver Branch Forest Fairy Wing Earrings ($10) | Hannah Grimes Marketplace (Keene, NH)

For your kid who is into fantasy, magic, and everything mythical, get them these translucent shimmering fairy wing earrings. Coming in 9 other colors and varying in size between 1.25 and 1.5 inches long, these hand-made one-of-a-kind earrings will add a magical touch to their outfit.

Fred and Friends: Cheese World 1000 Piece Puzzle ($21) | Soul Emporium (Keene, NH)

This 32”x14” puzzle is an easy yet fun one for all kids. Made of 90% recycled material, printed with an anti-glare finish (a game-changer for puzzle lovers), and includes a reference photo for a little extra help, this is the perfect puzzle to do with family or alone.

Dr. Martens Junior 1460 Softy T Leather Lace Up Boot ($75) | Synergy (Keene, NH)

Keep your kid in style and on-trend with Dr. Martens Junior 1460 Lace Up Boots. Based on the classic 1460 Felix Lace Up Boots, these are made of lightweight leather, a flexible cemented outsole, and are comfortable and durable for growing feet. Not to mention, they’re perfect for school!

Woodfield Press “Tales from Woodfield Coloring Book” ($8) | Hannah Grimes Marketplace (Keene, NH)

This adorable coloring book showcasing the “Woodfield friends” and their daily activities is 32 pages and perfect for all kids (big kids can color too!). With friendly illustrations done by Cindy Hendrick, there are storylines accompanying the pictures. Visit the Hannah Grimes Marketplace to view more of Woodfield Press’s products!

Toadstool Bookshops Gift Card ($5-200) | Toadstool Bookshops (Keene and Peterborough, NH)

What can you get a kid who loves books? More books, of course! But you never want to get them the wrong books, so let them choose for themselves with a gift card! Toadstool Bookshops has a wide variety of kids’ books for them to choose from so they’ll never have a hard time finding something they like.

Harrisville Designs LapLoom ($63) | Hannah Grimes Marketplace (Keene, NH)

For kids seven and up, the LapLoom is easy to use and makes small but beautiful wool tapestries. Easily portable and can fit on your lap, the LapLoom comes with everything you need: cotton warp string, wool yarn, a tapestry needle, shed sticks, stick shuttles, and instructions. Check out the Hannah Grimes Marketplace for more products from Harrisville Designs.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation) ($250) | Brown Computer Solutions (Keene, NH)

Why settle for a boring watch when you could get your kid Apple’s 2nd generation SE watch that has all the essentials to keep them motivated, active, and connected? With newer health and safety features, a water-resistant outer shell, and easily customizable parts (watch bands, faces, cases, etc.), the Apple Watch SE is better than ever and a great gift.

Wool Stripe Crew Neck Pullover ($52) | Buddies Sweaters (Peterborough, NH)

Get your kid this handmade pullover sweater for this upcoming winter season. Made of mid-weight wool, this sweater will keep them warm and comfortable and can be worn with anything! If you’re looking for something more specific, you can send the creator, Christine Fennell, a custom order.

Stationary (see price in-store) | Steele’s Stationers (Peterborough, NH)

Whether your kid prefers handwritten notes, likes to keep a journal of all their thoughts, or they are a notebook collector, Steele’s Stationers will have exactly what they need. The store has a variety of boxed notes, envelopes, invitations, and more for your stationary-loving kid.

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Exotic Parrot ($16) | Target (Keene, NH)

With this 3 in 1 toy, your kids will have hours of playtime. This LEGO set is a parrot that can then be rebuilt into a frog with posable legs or a fish with movable fins and a seabed. Display one set for a week then have a day to make a whole new one! There’s neverending fun with this LEGO set.

Govee RGBIC Pro 24.6’ LED Strip Lights ($50) | Target (Keene, NH)

Get your teen the oh-so-popular LED light strips to make their bedroom light up in an array of vibrant colors. The Govee RGBIC lights allow you to connect them to your Alexa or Google Assistant for voice-controlled color changing. They can also sync to your music to make your bedroom a full-blown party!

Spirograph Drawing Set ($15) | Target (Keene, NH)

Have your child create amazing drawings by combining the principles of art and mathematics with The Original Spirograph Kit! The set comes with 19 unique Spirograph wheels, putty to keep them in place, 8 markers, 20 sheets of design paper, and much more. They can also use their own pencils and markers to make dozens of pieces of art.

Old Navy 2-Pack Vintage Gender-Neutral Jogger Sweatpants ($30) | Old Navy (Keene, NH)

Everyone could use another pair of sweatpants and these Old Navy ones are both affordable and comfortable. These sweatpants are made of polyester and cotton and feature an elasticized drawstring waist and leg cuffs that make them perfect for every kid. Pair them with the 2-pack Gender-Neutral Zip Hoodie ($30) to complete the comfy look.

Ulta Beauty Gift Card (price varies) | Ulta (Keene, NH)

Don’t know what to get your makeup-obsessed teen? Give them an Ulta Beauty gift card! Choose between a digital or physical card for them to have the opportunity to buy their own gift. Easy peasy!

Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair ($35) | Walmart (Keene, NH)

Make your kid’s room more comfortable with Big Joe’s Classic Bean Bag Chair, available in 5 colors. Featuring a durable handle (easy to carry everywhere), stain-resistant Smart Max fabric (easy to be spot-cleaned), and filled with fluffy lightweight beans (easy to sit in), this bean bag is made for all kids.

Coup Board Game ($14) | Target (Keene, NH)

A game set in a dystopian society and all about lying and being the last person standing, this game is perfect for family gatherings. It’s simple to learn and play and only takes usually 15 minutes to play which means you can play multiple rounds in one night!

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